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The Mares of Ariamar Equestrian
Ariamar works with only the finest Arabian Mares for breeding.  We have carefully selected our bloodlines to ensure not only expression of type, strength and conformation, but also to ensure that these same traits are successfully passed on to the offspring.


Zamantha has been an excellent producer for Ariamar Equestrian. To date she has produced 7 outstanding offspring, the last 6 being sired by our senior stallion Taraki. The cross of the Imperial Imdal / Polish heritage so evident in Taraki, with the type and refinement of Zamantha's Almawardy / Shah Zaman bloodlines, has produced foals of exceptional type and quality. All of the foals resulting from this cross have matured to 15.2h or better.


"Rita" is one of two new additions to Ariamar's superb band of Arabian broodmares. Rita is a straight Spanish daughter of the well known stallion, *Makorr and out of the imported mare, *Margaritta. Because of her height, 15.3, and deep body, Rita was purchased as a mate for our young stallion, Zamis Shaman.

Dazy Dal

"Dazy" is by our Imperial Imdal son, Taraki and out of Zamantha. She is a full sister to Zamis Shaman and exhibits the same overall size, type and quality as her brother.  We are looking forward to having Dazy in the breeding herd.

Jazzy Dal

"Jazzy" is a full sister to Dazy Dal and Zamis Shaman. This grey filly is striking in appearance and will represent the Taraki, Zamantha cross very well in the show ring.