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About the Horses of Ariamar

  • At Ariamar Equestrian we have established a rare and unique herd of purebred arabian horses. We have chosen the best individuals to help accomplish our breeding objective of producing investment quality Arabian horses superbly suited for use as dressage or sport horses.

  • By crossing superior stallions like senior stallion, Taraki, with high quality, large, typey mares, Ariamar consistently produces outstanding offspring, capable of competing both in the Arabian breed divisions and open performance competitions. With the addition of our junior sire, Zamis Shaman, a 16.2h black/bay purebred Arabian, Ariamar is more excited than ever about its breeding program. To date, two mares have been purchased specifically to be bred to this exciting young stallion. Both mares, a straight spanish *Makorr daughter and a Barbary daughter produced exceptional fillies this year. Several daughters of Taraki are coming of breeding age. These fillies will be retained and selectively crossed to outstanding stallions to further Ariamar's breeding program.

  • Ariamar offers the best in professional training.   Our goal is to find and emphasize the winning potential in each individual animal. At Ariamar, horses are treated with respect and patience. We feel there is no other more effective way to train a horse than by earning and developing its trust. Besides, we really like horses.

  • Ariamar offers quality young breeding stock for sale. Additionally, horses are constantly being trained to varying levels in the classic tradition so there are usually a number of trained horses available as well.